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Fixing Your Transmission in Bakersfield, CA

Your car’s transmission is one of the most essential components. As the epicenter of your vehicle’s drivetrain, the transmission plays a crucial part in your car’s operability, serving as the link between the engine and the wheels. Your car’s transmission works by keeping the speed and load variables of the engine balanced. The transmission also conducts torque through the vehicle’s drivetrain– the deferential, driveshaft, and wheels- and switches gears as the car drives and the engine speed accelerates or decelerates. This affects the amount of torque that is applied to your car’s wheels. Your transmission is perhaps the most vital part of your vehicle- without a properly maintained transmission; your car will cease to operate normally. For the best transmission repair Bakersfield CA, Quality Transmission & Clutch has you covered. Call today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment for a diagnostic and estimate.


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Potential Transmission Problems

If you have begun to notice a difference in the way your car is driving, your transmission may be the problem. Some of the classic signs of transmission trouble include grinding gear noise, difficulty shifting, having the gearshift slip out of position, and any jumping or hesitating sensations. Excessive noise when driving or idling may also be a sign that the transmission is having an issue.

Transmission Repair Bakersfield CA

Transmission Repair Bakersfield CA

Symptoms of trouble with a manual transmission include a clutch that drags or does not uncouple from the flywheel, which will result in a grinding noise. Additionally, if you smell a burning odor, it is wise to address the issue with a transmission specialist without delay, as this is a sign of a burning transmission, which is every bit as serious as it sounds.

For maximum performance and extension of your car’s life, it is of utmost importance to have regular maintenance performed on your transmission. Regularly scheduled maintenance appointments at your mechanic’s shop will help extend the life of your drivetrain and you’re your car running in peak condition for years to come. One of the most important benefits of regular transmission maintenance is having your transmission fluid levels checked and replaced as needed, as this can prevent breakdown and corrosion of internal transmission gears. Finding the right technician to service and repair your transmission is one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle to avoid costly repairs down the road.


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