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Transmission Repair vs. Replacement: What Should You Choose?

As every car owner should know, the transmission is one of the most important components to your vehicle. Without it running in tip top condition, your automobile can become damaged or inoperable. The transmission is the epicenter of your vehicle’s drivetrain (deferential, driveshaft, and wheels) and is the connecting link between the engine and the wheels. If there is a problem with the transmission, there will definitely be a problem with the performance of your car.

If you are driving and begin to hear strange noises or notice some unusual things happening with your car, it may be an issue with the transmission. Some common sights, sounds, and driving problems in an automatic transmission include: grinding gear noise, difficulty shifting, having the gearshift slip out of position, any jumping or hesitating sensations, and excessive noise while driving or idling. For a manual transmission, you may experience a clutch that drags or does not uncouple from the flywheel, which will result in a grinding noise, or a burning smell.

Any of the above problems are an indication that there may be an issue with the transmission, and you should contact the experienced transmission professionals at Quality Transmission & Clutch for an evaluation. 

Transmission Repair/Rebuild

Depending on your vehicle’s situation, our Bakersfield, CA, transmission repair experts may recommend one of three options for your car. The first two are similar: repair or rebuild. A transmission repair is the least expensive option but also includes replacing the bare minimum number of parts to get you and your vehicle back on the road safely. If your transmission does not have extensive damage and only one part needs to be replaced, a repair is probably the right option.

The second option is a transmission rebuild. For this situation, your entire transmission is taken apart, inspected, any damaged parts are replaced, reassembled, and placed back in your vehicle. Even if the part is simply worn but not thoroughly damaged, it may be replaced as part of the custom rebuild for your transmission. This process requires a Bakersfield, CA, transmission repair/rebuild expert such as ours at Quality Transmission & Clutch.

Transmission Replacement

The third option is to have your entire transmission replaced. Essentially, your transmission is sent to the factory, and a refurbished transmission (because it is likely that a new one is not available) will be placed in your vehicle. This is an option for a transmission which is too far damaged for a repair or rebuild. It is usually also the most expensive option because it must be done in a factory setting (other factors may affect the cost as well such as age of the vehicle, extent of the damage, manual vs. automatic, make and model of the vehicle, etc.). When you opt for the transmission replacement, your transmission is updated to the pre-built factory settings so you can rest assured knowing that it meets the manufacturer’s standards. 

Contact Our Bakersfield, CA, Transmission Experts

At Quality Transmission & Clutch, we understand how difficult it can be to find out that your transmission–a very expensive and important part of your vehicle–has gone bad. Whether it’s just one worn out part or the entire transmission, our experienced and certified technicians can help you determine the best option for your car. 

When you bring your vehicle to our garage, you can rest assured that it is in good hands. We pride ourselves in delivering only the highest quality service and repair as well as excellence in customer care. Contact us today to learn more about Bakersfield, CA, transmission repair or replacement or to schedule an appointment with our technicians.

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