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The Benefits of Rebuilding Your Transmission

Not having a car is hard on your life and your wallet, so Quality Transmission & Clutch offers transmission rebuilds as an alternative to buying new — a way for people continue their day-to-day without breaking their bank. 


Rebuilding vs. Replacing a Transmission

If you have a small problem, a single part gone wrong, repairing that part is a good option.

Generally, however, transmissions don’t have one part go bad because the parts are closely integrated. That doesn’t mean they’ll all go bad; a transmission specialist can rebuild it — disassemble it, replace worn or damaged parts then put it all back together. You get a just-as-good-as-new transmission and save a huge amount of money.

When you reach a certain level of wear or damage, you need to replace, but you don’t have to buy new. A remanufactured transmission has been rebuilt at the factory to factory specifications by factory technicians. It is more expensive than a local rebuild, but you generally get a longer warranty and, if this is what you need, we’ll sell you one.

Rebuild or replace, come to the pros at Quality Transmission & Clutch for a free estimate!


Signs Your Transmission is Going Out

  • Does your vehicle hesitate when your shift gears?
  • Does your transmission grind or slip when shifting gears?
  • Does your engine compartment smell funny?
  • Does your transmission fluid leak or appear thick and cloudy on the dip stick or smell bad?
  • Does your gear shifter resist when you try to change gears?

Your transmission, like everything else on your car, should work so smoothly that you hardly know it’s there. When it doesn’t, you may have a problem. Could be something simple — time to replace the fluid or get an adjustment. Or, not — worn gear synchronizers, a worn clutch or failed needle roller bearings are not obvious problems, but they can lead to major failures if you leave them untreated.


The Transmission Shop in Bakersfield, California You Can Trust

“Expert advice on transmission repair with your wallet in mind,” is out motto, and we strive every day to live up to it. If you live near Bakersfield, California, contact Quality Transmission & Clutch for all the details on clutch adjustments, transfer case repair, electrical diagnoses, manual or automatic transmission repair. We’ll keep your transmission in top shape.

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