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Pros and Cons of Diesel Fuel | Bakersfield Transmissions

Diesel vehicles are coming back, which is no surprise given that high efficiency is one of the advantages of diesel. In a world where people are looking for efficiency in all aspects of life, diesel vehicles’ popularity will likely increase.

While diesel is mainly used for commercial trucks, large buses, and generators, demand for diesel passenger vehicles is rising.

So, why are diesels becoming popular again? Is there something about these cars that you do not know?

Below we look at the advantages and disadvantages of diesels and the features that make these engines stand out.

Advantages of Diesel

Fuel efficiency

You get great mileage with diesels compared to similar gasoline engines. A diesel engine will deliver 25-30% better fuel economy so you generally use less fuel as combustion is more efficient.

In the past, diesel translated to slow. However, thanks to technology, manufacturers now produce engines that are as fast as other engines, if not faster.

If you look at engines like the VW (Jetta TDI), Mercedes (E350 BlueTec), and BMW (330d), they deliver 40 and above MPGs. This is pretty close to what you get with the complex, slow, and expensive gas-electric hybrids.

In small passenger vehicles, a modern diesel engine can get to 60mph in 7 seconds or less. For a truck like the Ford F250 and the GM2500, the diesel-engine varieties haul more weight than their gas-powered counterparts.

Diesel engines last longer than gas engines

If properly maintained, a diesel engine can run for up to 300, 000 miles without requiring much repair work on the fuel injection system and others . The engines last much longer because they are designed to withstand higher compression and rigors.

While current gasoline engines also last long, not many can go above 200, 000 miles without showing severe wear & tear signs like declining mileage and smoky blue exhaust.

Mercedes-Benz holds the record for longevity, with a few of its diesels clocking over 900 000 miles. While most people will not hang on to a car that long, such longevity and dependability will help boost the resale value.

Diesel Engines have no distributors or spark plugs

A distributor determines which spark plug gets electricity and when. Diesel engines come with these two common parts in gas engines.

This means that you will never need an ignition tune-up. So what happens if your engine gets cold and you need some help igniting it?

Diesel engines come with glow plugs that closely look like spark plugs. Like in other machines, glow plugs can start the engine when it gets cold.

Lower CO2 emissions

Pollution concerns continue to rise as the number of vehicles on the road continues to increase. Choosing a diesel engine means that you will be doing your part to save the planet as such vehicles emit lower CO2.

Using a diesel vehicle  will also put you in the lower car tax band in the first year of operation.

It is no secret that diesel-powered engines can use more types of fuel. Some car owners have adjusted their engines to run on Waste Vegetable Oil and biodiesel to minimize their carbon footprint and save fuel costs.

A gas engine can only run on gas, so however bad the economy gets, you have to put gas in your tank if you want to move around.

Disadvantages of Diesel Engines

Diesel costs more than gasoline

A gallon of diesel costs about $ 3 in most parts of the country for the Ultra Low Sulfur variety and $2.30 for the unleaded variety. While the prices fluctuate, diesel prices tend to be higher compared to gasoline.

This high at-the-pump price waters down the mileage advantage you get with diesel cars. The Ultra-Low Sulfur diesel also tends to have lower lubrication qualities than diesel, resulting in shorter engine life.

Diesel experts recommend adding additives to the engine, especially if your machine was manufactured before 1997. The additives will make up for the lower lubrication in Low-Sulfur diesel fuel and add to the engine maintenance cost.

Additional anti-pollution equipment

Car companies are required to include particulate traps and urea injection to the engine. This is in addition to the Ultra-Low Sulfur diesel.

All this is to ensure that the engines comply with the current emission requirements. The urea tanks need to be refilled regularly, and this comes at a cost. There are also particulate traps that add another need for maintenance.

So far, the engines have been performing well with these two safety measures in place. No one knows if the performance will dip in the future, but you can always trust motor vehicle manufacturers to develop even more efficient systems.

Higher cost of Diesel Vehicles

Thanks to their heavy-duty engines, diesel vehicles come at a higher price when compared to gasoline ones.

For example, you may have to pay $10,000 more for the Chevy Silverado 2500 with Duramax diesel V-8. In smaller cars like the VW Jetta TDI, online reviews show that the diesel engine is about $2,500 higher than the gasoline engine variety.

It will take years to leverage the high initial cost with the savings on fuel and low maintenance costs on the engine. This only means that the price difference will only make economic sense if you hold onto the diesel powered vehicle for about three years.

So, Diesel  Engine or Gasoline, which is better?

Looking at the advantages of diesel engines, it is clear why many people are choosing them over other engines. They last longer, offer more energy, are more fuel-efficient, and you will be spending less time in the garage.

A diesel engine works more like a workhorse – it comes with enough torque and more enduring power among other benefits. Compared to gasoline-powered machines that are fiery and wear as fast, it is clear that the diesel variety is better if you want a powerful vehicle that will serve you for many years.

While diesel engines have been majorly used in trucks, buses, and heavy-duty farming equipment, you will be seeing more diesel powered vehicles in the near future. You can only hope that the prices will go lower as demand for diesel vehicles rises.

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