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Preparing Your Transmission for Summer!

California summers can be brutal on the body. Between the heat and excessive summertime activities, you may find yourself run down and in need of a break. Did you know though, the summer heat and all of those crazy activities can have the same kind of effect on your car’s transmission as well? 


Summer Activities That Can Affect Your Transmission

Heat and excessive running times can play havoc on your car’s transmission. Those long drives to the beach to bask in the sun are great for the family but not so much for your transmission. It is essential to consider this when you are making plans for long outings, especially where your car will be in hot driving or idling conditions. If you have a long drive ahead of you and it has been a bit since your last transmission check, a quick trip to your transmission service in Bakersfield can give you the assurance you need for a great summer getaway.


How to Care For Your Transmission During the Summer

With a few extra steps along the way, you can ensure your transmission can make the mile during these summer activities and all year long. Regularly checking your fluid is an excellent habit to get into throughout the year. With many newer cars, it is tempting to wait for the warning light to come on. If you are planning a trip though, it is better to take the extra few minutes and check it to be safe; this could save you the need for a transmission replacement in the future. Considering the small steps now will save not only your car but your pocketbook in the long run.


Protecting Your Car from Summer Heat

Protecting your transmission from the summer heat is preferable. However, with so many activities to enjoy this is not always possible. Things will happen, and you may find yourself in need of transmission repair in Bakersfield. No need to stress though. You may have options. You can make an appointment at the transmission shop in Bakersfield and they can either rebuild or replace your transmission and get you back on the road to your summertime fun.

Taking a few minutes and putting in the extra steps to check your transmission before your summertime fun begins, may allow you to enjoy even more time in the sun. If you do find yourself with an issue, make sure you have it taken care of right away. You will be in and out and back on the road in no time.


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