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How to Choose a Good Transmission Repair Shop in Bakersfield, CA

Tips for finding the best auto repair service in Bakersfield, CA

A mechanic is not just someone in an apron and stained hands. Mechanics are trained professionals who can tell what your car is ailing from by just looking at the symptoms. However, modern-day mechanics use more than hand tools to fix your car. Technology has made work easier, but only if the person handling your car knows how to use it. Here are the tips on how to choose a good transmission repair shop in Bakersfield, CA.

Training and certifications

There are a lot of programs that certified mechanics take. Even though there are no set academic requirements for mechanics in California, every transmission repair shop is different. Some mechanics have a degree in engine technology, others have a certificate, others have learned on the job, and others are learning. Only repair shops that are concerned about great service take time to hire certified mechanics. 

As a car owner, you need to leave your vehicle in the hands of a qualified technician, not a quark. Get a mechanic who has the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certificate. This ASE blue seal should be displayed prominently at the repair shop to prove that they can handle manual and automatic transmission repair. In addition, ask if they have done training for your car model and make. Car manufacturers also offer training on how to fix different model-specific issues.  At Quality Transmission and Clutch repair shop in Bakersfield, CA, you can fix any car model.

Ratings and reviews

The first step towards getting the best transmission repair service in Bakersfield, CA, is Google. However, there are many auto repair shops in Bakersfield, CA. Knowing which one to trust your car with is hard work. It will take a little more time and effort to get a good one. If there is an industry where customers get ripped off, it is auto repair. However, previous customers do not shy away from sharing their experiences. We recommend you read reviews on Google to know how each shop handles customers, length of service, business integrity, quality of service, and pricing. Auto repair shop ratings are also available on Yelp and Facebook. You can also look for their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and any unresolved complaints from previous clients. Finally, you can always turn to your friends and family for recommendations. At Quality Transmission and Clutch repair shop in Bakersfield, CA, our customers have left glowing reviews for professionalism, quality service, value and punctuality. Read the reviews on Google.

Equipment and technology

Nowadays, you need to plug in your car to a computer and immediately see what is happening. Fixing repairs, just like diagnostics, is currently dependent on technology. However, there are older car models that still use old diagnostic tools and equipment. If you have a new car model, you need to ensure that your preferred transmission repair in Bakersfield, CA, can handle it.  Visit the shop or see the pictures that other customers have posted on Google. Ask them if they have fixed your car make or model before. When you visit the Quality Transmission and Clutch repair shop at 1805 South Chester Ave Bakersfield CA, rest assured we shall fix all the transmission services you need, from replacing damaged parts to repairs, rebuilding and general motor maintenance services.

Price estimate

Many repair shops use different upselling and cross-selling strategies to rip you off your hard-earned money. Before you get a recommendation to replace a part or buy a new one, ask if you really need the part they are selling you. Unscrupulous mechanics will recommend a fix that your car does not need to make money and stay afloat. Others will put a high markup for low-quality parts. While transmission repair services can be quite expensive in Bakersfield, CA, just like anywhere else in the world, be sure that you are not doing unnecessary repairs. Of course, expertise, scope of work and quality of parts and service all affect the repair costs. As long as the pricing is transparent and fair, it is better to go for an expensive service that could give your car a longer life than a cheap one that will damage what was already in good shape. If possible, get the price estimate before any diagnostics or repair work is done. Here at Quality Transmission and Clutch repair shop in South Chester Ave Bakersfield CA, we offer all types of transmission services. We understand how hectic removing, disassembling and reassembling a transmission is. Splitting this work between multiple dealers will increase the cost of repairs. We highly recommend that you take advantage of today’s free diagnostic check in Bakersfield, CA 93304. Call us on (661) 397-0421 to schedule a visit during business hours.

Shop location

When you take your car for transmission service, you need to take it near home. The last thing you want is to waste more time locating a new shop you are trying for the first time. Or waste time going far from your route. This is because cars can break down abruptly, and you need to build a relationship with your mechanic. At Quality Transmissions and Clutch, we believe your car is one of the most important possessions you have, and your time is precious. Our transmission service shop on South Chester Ave Bakersfield CA 93304 serves motor vehicle owners around 4040 E Brundage ln Bakersfield CA, 2907 Brundage ln Bakersfield CA, 9834 S Union Ave, Rosedale hwy, Bakersfield CA 93309, Bakersfield CA 93313, and Bakersfield CA 93307. Because clients trust us, we offer our services fast. So visit us today and see our crew at work.


Rebuilding or replacing a transmission can be costly, and it is never easy to get a refund. You need to protect yourself with a warranty. The warranty of a rebuilt transmission in Bakersfield CA could cover a few years or miles, depending on the dealer. The warranty should also cover part replacements and service. Talk to your dealer before service to see how long their warranty will last and what it covers. Contact our service shop on South Chester Ave Bakersfield CA, for a free consultation.

Looking for a local transmission repair shop in Bakersfield, CA? Visit Quality Transmission and Clutch

Some of the minor transmission issues are covered in the user manual. However, some require the trained eye of a mechanic. At Quality Transmission and Clutch, we offer manual transmission repair and automatic transmission repair services at an affordable rate. Check out our reviews on Google for what to expect when you partner with us. To schedule a free diagnostic check, fill the contact form on our website or call our number (661)397-0421. We look forward to serving you.

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