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Don’t Ignore These 5 Transmission Warning Signs

Sometimes when your car is having transmission problems, it can be hard for you to diagnose it without the experience of a trained professional. Yet transmission problems do not sleep quietly, and if you think notice any of these transmission warning signs, get it checked out right away. A transmission is vital to many car operations, and the longer it goes unchecked, the more damage can be done. If you hear, see, or smell any of these warning signs, bring your car into a professional as soon as possible!

Gears slip

Are your gears slipping? This could be a sign of a faulty transmission. When the transmission is acting out or starting to fail, it may switch gears suddenly without your manual control. This is the most dangerous sign of transmission failure, which is why it is listed first: if your car is slipping gears, don’t wait: bring it into a mechanic right away!

Won’t shift gears

Transmission Warning Signs

Transmission Warning Signs

If your car will not shift gears, that is another sign of a poor transmission. If they feel “sticky” or will not budge at all, it’s better safe than sorry: bring it into a professional to get that checked out.

Check engine light

A check engine light could mean a multitude of things, but what it doesn’t mean is “ignore!” It could potentially be a transmission problem or a variety of other issues: either way, investigate the source of the issue to protect your engine functions.

Burning smell

If you smell something burning, it might just be your transmission. Transmission fluid is supposed to cool the engine and make sure nothing overheats. If there is a leak or other issue with the fluid, it will start to emit a distinct burning smell. Check the transmission fluid: normally, transmission fluid is opaque with a reddish tint and is sweet-smelling. If it is darker in color and smells burning, it is having trouble.

Fluid leak

In conjunction with the above issue, if you’re having a fluid leakage, your transmission will not be able to do its job. Fluid not only cools the transmission but also helps with shifting gears. If it is leaking, your transmission will not be able to perform its job. Check your fluid levels if you suspect a problem: if they seem a little low or you can spot a leakage, call a mechanic.

Are you noticing some of the above transmission warning signs? For transmission repair service in the Bakersfield CA area, the team at Quality Transmission and Clutch is here to help! Contact us today at (661)-397-0421 to get in touch.

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