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CV Replacement in Bakersfield, CA

CV Joint Replacement is Important to the Longevity of Your Vehicle.

A CV joint is probably something you’ve never heard of but it’s an important part of your car. It may sound exotic but you can easily find a place to do a CV replacement in Bakersfield, CA. The first question you probably have is what is a CV?


What is a CV Joint and How is it Replaced?

CV is an acronym for constant velocity and CV joint keeps the wheels of your vehicle turning at a constant velocity. The inner CV joints connect to your transmission and the outer cv joints connect to your wheels. CV joints typically go out on your front wheels if your vehicle is front-wheel drive or in the back tires if you have a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. A Mechanic must take off the wheel before they can even access the outer CV joint. The mechanic must use great skill in order to remove the CV joint and install a new one. The process is a bit complicated and involves heavy parts, but an experienced mechanic knows what to do.

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Signs of a CV Joint Problem

The boot of a CV joint contains grease that stays enclosed but if you see a dark-colored grease on the inside of the wheel rim that’s the sign of a leak. Another sign is a clicking noise when the wheel is turned to one side and the car is accelerating. If you hear the clicking noise your CV joint is pretty worn out. If your CV joint is worn out you may also feel your vehicle shake from side to side when it accelerates.


CV Joint Replacement in Bakersfield, CA

Quality Transmission and Clutch is the place you want to go for CV replacement in Bakersfield, CA. We employ skilled technicians that know the signs of CV problems and exactly how to fix them. We use the best tools, so your vehicle gets fixed properly. Our experienced mechanics have a great eye for detail and get your vehicle repaired quickly. If you think you’ve got a problem with your CV click here to have the problem fixed by the best.


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