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Clutch Repair Bakersfield CA

Quick and Professional Clutch Repair in Bakersfield, CA

When your transmission is slipping and sliding, it’s time to get in and get a look. If you drive a manual transmission car, you know what a clutch is and how it works. After all, you are the one controlling the shifts. But how does the clutch really work? Do you know where to go for clutch repair Bakersfield CA?

The engine spins continually, but the wheels don’t. For the car to stop with the engine still running, the wheels have to disconnect briefly from the engine. That’s where the clutch comes in. The clutch controls the slippage between the spinning engine and the non-spinning transmission.

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Why Is My Clutch Sticking?

But what do you do when the clutch isn’t working the way it is supposed to? It could be a variety of issues. Sometimes the clutch simply wears out and needs to be replaced. If you clutch sticks and won’t release correctly, it will affect the internal gears which will cause grinding or make it so you can’t gear at all. Some of the reasons that a clutch sticks include:

  • Stretched, detached or broken cable

  • Leaky or old cylinders (master or slave)

  • Mismatched equipment

  • Air in the hydraulic lines


The good news is WE CAN FIX IT ALL. At Quality Transmissions and Clutch in Bakersfield, California we can take care of all these issues.


Clutch Adjustment

We can completely adjust all clutch components in every vehicle, foreign or domestic. If you are experiencing issues with your clutch such as a hard shift, you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible. These types of issues just get worse and inattention can result in larger repairs and a larger repair bill.


Clutch Kit Installation

We offer complete auto, truck and SUV clutch installation services. Our expertly trained staff can complete all clutch repairs but can also install new equipment to get your vehicle back to great condition and out on the road again.


Clutch Slave Cylinder

If your clutch slave cylinder needs to be replaced, this is something that you will want to have completed as soon as possible. The clutch slave is a key component of the clutch system. Leaks or misalignments mean that your clutch should be repaired quickly.

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