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Signs That You Need to Replace Your Manual Transmission

The transmission is one of the most important components of your car. It’s the component that changes gears for you so that you can accelerate, decelerate and maintain a constant speed. As time goes by, manual transmissions will eventually wear out and stop working properly. Many signs indicate if it’s time to replace your manual […]

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High Performance Transmission Upgrades

For a souped-up ride at a price you can afford, Bakersfield’s top choice is Quality Transmission & Clutch! We proudly offer high-performance transmission upgrades for vehicles who need a little more pep in their step. Our dedicated and experienced service team will drop a high-performance transmission, torque converter or drivetrain components into your vehicle. This […]

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Manual vs. Automatic Transmission- What’s the Difference?

Manual vs. Automatic Transmissions For as long as there’s been a choice between manual and vs. automatic transmissions, there have been vocal supporters and opponents of each type. Though opinions differ greatly, one thing is clear- when it comes to transmissions, you’re either Team Automatic or Team Manual. Which type of transmission you prefer largely […]

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