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How to Choose a Good Transmission Repair Shop in Bakersfield, CA

Tips for finding the best auto repair service in Bakersfield, CA A mechanic is not just someone in an apron and stained hands. Mechanics are trained professionals who can tell what your car is ailing from by just looking at the symptoms. However, modern-day mechanics use more than hand tools to fix your car. Technology […]

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Pros and Cons of Diesel Fuel | Bakersfield Transmissions

Diesel vehicles are coming back, which is no surprise given that high efficiency is one of the advantages of diesel. In a world where people are looking for efficiency in all aspects of life, diesel vehicles’ popularity will likely increase. While diesel is mainly used for commercial trucks, large buses, and generators, demand for diesel […]

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Transmission Repair vs. Replacement: What Should You Choose?

As every car owner should know, the transmission is one of the most important components to your vehicle. Without it running in tip top condition, your automobile can become damaged or inoperable. The transmission is the epicenter of your vehicle’s drivetrain (deferential, driveshaft, and wheels) and is the connecting link between the engine and the […]

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Should I Fix My Transmission or Buy a New Car?

Imagine driving down the road toward your home in Bakersfield and hearing a terrible grinding noise coming from your car. What could it be? What if you’re having trouble keeping the gearshift in position or, worse yet, you smell something burning? All of these symptoms and more could be signs that there is an issue […]

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4 Transmission Issues that Require a Professional

Professional Transmission Repair in Bakersfield These days, lots of people are good do-it-yourselfers, but you have to know your limits. While almost anybody can replace lightbulbs, rewiring the house needs a licensed electrician. So, change your transmission fluid regularly, but call  Quality Transmission & Clutch when you need affordable repairs with a warranty, or simply […]

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The Benefits of Rebuilding Your Transmission

Not having a car is hard on your life and your wallet, so Quality Transmission & Clutch offers transmission rebuilds as an alternative to buying new — a way for people continue their day-to-day without breaking their bank.    Rebuilding vs. Replacing a Transmission If you have a small problem, a single part gone wrong, […]

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Preparing Your Transmission for Summer!

California summers can be brutal on the body. Between the heat and excessive summertime activities, you may find yourself run down and in need of a break. Did you know though, the summer heat and all of those crazy activities can have the same kind of effect on your car’s transmission as well?    Summer […]

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Common Causes of a Check Engine Light

There are several things that could cause your check engine light to come on, but typically it has something to do with your transmission. Vehicle transmissions are one of the most essential parts of its operation. It serves as the link between the engine and the wheels and has many parts and pieces that all […]

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How to Choose the Right Transmission Shop in Bakersfield, CA

Looking for a Transmission Shop Near Bakersfield? It can be a headache taking your car in for transmission repairs. A lot of times, it’s a costly job that takes many hours of labor and new parts. It’s crucial that you be particularly discerning when deciding to which transmission repair shop you take your vehicle. Think […]

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The Complete Guide to Transmission Repair

The transmission of your vehicle is essential to its operation. It keeps the vehicle running smoothly by moving power to the gears. When you have problems with the transmission, repairing it can be costly if you don’t get it serviced right away. The longer you wait to address an issue, the more expensive the repairs […]

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