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An Automatic Transmission Rebuild Can Save You Money

Rebuild Your Automatic Transmission

Replacing your transmission can be one of the most expensive car repairs to make. Dropping a new automatic transmission into your vehicle can cost upwards of $4000, with some transmissions ranging closer to the $8000 price range. At that rate, getting a new transmission for your car is virtually unaffordable, but you need a working transmission to drive your car. What to do? At Quality Transmission & Clutch, we will work to rebuild your transmission before suggesting you replace it completely. 


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automatic transmission rebuild

Quality Transmission & Clutch has the solution you need at a price you can afford! We proudly offer high-quality automatic transmission rebuilds to fit just about any make and model of automatic-transmission vehicle. Let the pros at Quality Transmission & Clutch outfit you with an automatic transmission rebuild, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a replacement transmission. We are Bakersfield, CA’s preferred transmission service and repair center, and we’re here for you!


What’s an Automatic Transmission Rebuild?

Your automatic transmission may not be working properly now, but will as soon as our certified technicians perform the rebuild. Using a transmission rebuild kit directly from your vehicle’s manufacturer, our team of specialists will carefully remove your transmission and take it apart, thoroughly inspect each component, and replace the non-working parts with parts from the rebuild kit. Additionally, any inner workings of your automatic transmission that appear worn or damaged will get replaced. We use parts from the kit so that problems with these components never even have a chance to start. Rebuilt transmissions operate just as efficiently as brand-new transmissions at a fraction of the price!


How Can I Tell if I Need an Automatic Transmission Rebuild?

If you experience any of the following systems, you should bring your vehicle in for a transmission check right away. Identify issues to determine whether you need an automatic transmission rebuild:

  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • A burning smell coming from transmission fluid compartment
  • Illuminated Check Engine light
  • Whining, grinding, buzzing or humming noise while car is running

Quality Transmission & Clutch is here to help residents of Bakersfield, CA and surrounding areas with automatic transmission rebuilds, as well as virtually any other transmission or clutch-related issue. Our reputation speaks for itself when it comes to quality and customer service. We stand behind our work on every car we repair!

For a high-quality rebuilt automatic transmission that runs like new, Quality Transmission & Clutch is the place to go in Bakersfield for all your transmission repair needs. Call us today at 661-397-0421 and schedule your appointment with one of our friendly service representative.

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