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5 Signs Your Clutch May Be Going Bad

As a driver of a manual transmission vehicle, you are well aware of the important role that your car’s clutch place in the basic operation of the car. Without the clutch, you would not be able to move. Essentially, the duty of the clutch is to disconnect the wheels from the power supplied by the engine so that you can change gears. Once you have done so, the clutch allows the wheels to once again connect with the engine so you can keep traveling smoothly down the road. On average, the clutch will last somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 miles depending on the make and model of the vehicle. 

However, it cannot last forever and will eventually need to be replaced. Fortunately, the clutch often gives you some signs and signals that it is going to be in need of repair or replacement in the near future. You just need to be aware of the types of signs it may be sending you so that you can prepare for the inevitable stop at the repair shop.

5 Signs Your Clutch May Be Going Bad

At Quality Transmission & Clutch, we know how important it is that your vehicle’s clutch is in good working condition. We want to make sure that you aren’t surprised one day when the clutch finally stops functioning properly, so here are 5 signs that your clutch may be going bad:

  1. No resistance on the clutch: When you press the clutch, you should be met with a certain amount of resistance. If it requires as much effort as stepping into butter in order to engage the clutch, you may have your first sign that the clutch is going bad. It’s an early sign but an important one.
  2. Can’t get it into reverse: Putting your car into reverse is basically forcing it to run in the opposite direction of its normal operating condition and is one of the most difficult tasks for the clutch to perform. Because of this, an early sign that the clutch is going bad may be that you can’t get the vehicle into reverse without a good deal of struggle.
  3. Clutch slippage: If you put the car in gear and the engine revs but you are still sitting where you started, the clutch may be slipping. For the car, it feels as if it is slipping between gears and will not move fluidly between the gears. For the clutch plate, it is either not engaging or disengaging when released. This is definitely a bad sign.
  4. Sounds, touch, and smells: When you depress the clutch, if you hear a grinding noise, this may be an indication that the clutch is going. In addition to the softness of the clutch, you may feel it vibrating when it is getting very worn. You may also smell a fairly nasty burning smell in the car from a worn clutch.
  5. Difficulty changing gears: When you depress the clutch, you should be able to fairly easily change gears. With a worn clutch, you may press the clutch to the floor and still have extreme difficulty changing gears. This is how you know it is on its last legs.

If you are experiencing these or other unusual symptoms from your transmission or clutch, bring your vehicle to a trusted and experienced mechanic such as those at Quality Transmission & Clutch.

Tips for Maintaining Your Clutch

While clutches are designed to last for thousands of miles, there are definitely ways to make sure that your car’s clutch is able to reach the furthest extent of that mileage estimate rather than the shorter side. Avoid as much as possible “riding the clutch” where it is constantly partially engaged. Don’t slip the clutch while towing or hauling a heavy load.Try to keep your left foot on the floor between shifts rather than resting it on the clutch pedal–even a little bit of pressure can engage it and wear it down. Bleed the air out of the fluid that builds up over time to improve overall performance and avoid the soft clutch feeling.

Contact Our Bakersfield, CA, Clutch Repair Experts

At Quality Transmission & Clutch, we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to diagnose your car’s clutch issue and help you find the best way to repair it. Our technicians are certified professionals and are some of the best in the business. From the sights and sounds to the feels and smells, our mechanics will figure out what is going on with your clutch and get you back on the road as efficiently as possible. 

We are dedicated to providing you the best quality clutch repair and replacement service and exceptional customer care. For clutch repair in Bakersfield, CA, that you can rely on, Contact Quality Transmission & Clutch.

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