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4 Transmission Issues that Require a Professional

Professional Transmission Repair in Bakersfield

These days, lots of people are good do-it-yourselfers, but you have to know your limits. While almost anybody can replace lightbulbs, rewiring the house needs a licensed electrician. So, change your transmission fluid regularly, but call  Quality Transmission & Clutch when you need affordable repairs with a warranty, or simply fill out this form and we can get you scheduled for maintenance. 


Popping Out of Gear

If your transmission pops out of gear, you may have low or contaminated fluid, which is a good DIY project. You might also have worn synchronizers inside the tranny, an improperly-adjusted shift linkage or a worn transmission mount. For most people, definitely not DIY projects; in fact, time to consider transmission rebuilding.


Burning Smells from Your Vehicle

Transmission fluid should be a clean red liquid with a slightly sweet smell. If not, it needs replacement and it may signal bigger problems. Do you see floating bits? Those are metal chips worn off the transmission parts. Is the fluid discolored? Overheating due to excess friction heat may be to blame. In either case, you definitely need a change, in extreme cases, you may need a major transmission repair Bakersfield style — fast and reasonable.


Slow Response While Shifting or Grinding Noises

Usually, the driver causes grinding by pushing the clutch in too late or releasing too early. A little extra attention to your shifting will take care of that. However, transmission fluid may be the culprit — contaminants getting into the gear box, low fluid level, old fluid not lubricating as well as it once did. Replacing your transmission filter or pan gasket is the easy fix, if you catch the problem early. Wait, and you might be in for a transmission rebuild.


Leaking Transmission

Good news: If the pan gasket cracks or the bolts get a bit loose, it’ll leak — a simple DIY for an afternoon when you have nothing better to do. (If you do have something better to do, call us!) Bad news: There’s a hydraulic pump that produces pressure in the transmission; if a crack develops in the converter or a problem arises with the needle bearings, it’s usually hard to pinpoint and, generally, requires a complete transmission replacement.


The Best Transmission Service Bakersfield Has to Offer

When your problem is beyond your skill set, contact Quality Transmission & Clutch. Our name says it all — trust the experience and remember that we have the tools to repair just about every make and model vehicle out there. We’re the transmission shop Bakersfield can be proud of.

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