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Common Causes of a Check Engine Light

There are several things that could cause your check engine light to come on, but typically it has something to do with your transmission. Vehicle transmissions are one of the most essential parts of its operation. It serves as the link between the engine and the wheels and has many parts and pieces that all work together to keep your vehicle running properly. If one of these components becomes damaged or not operational, it can diminish the performance of your entire vehicle.


Transmission Issues Can Cause Check Engine Light to Appear

If your vehicle is making grinding noises, giving off a burning smell or you feel any jumping or hesitating, you definitely need to get your transmission looked at, especially if your check engine light is also on. Maybe your clutch needs repairing, your fluids are leaking or need to be changed, or your drive shaft is faulty. You could even be experiencing electrical issues. Whatever the case may be, transmission problems are serious and should be taken care of immediately at a transmission repair shop.


Transmission Repair in Bakersfield, CA

Transmission repair sounds serious, and that’s because it is. Quality Transmission & Clutch provides numerous transmission services including rebuilding, replacing, upgrades, drivetrain repairs, clutch adjustments, CV joint replacement and many more. Even the most severe transmission repair needs can be met by our experienced and highly trained technicians.
If your check engine light is visible, fill out an appointment request form and let us know what your concerns are. If your vehicle is showing signs of transmission trouble, tell us what your vehicle’s symptoms are so we can better asses your vehicle before you even enter the shop. One of our experts will get back to you promptly to set up your appointment. You can also call us to discuss your concerns and get advice on preventative maintenance.


Contact Quality Transmission & Clutch for an Appointment

The technicians at Quality Transmission & Clutch know transmissions inside and out. They can identify the root of the problem with an accurate diagnosis and help you understand the process of fixing it. By using the most cutting-edge technology and qualified technicians, you can be sure that Quality Transmission & Clutch will repair your transmission to get you back on the road quickly and safely.

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