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How to Choose the Right Transmission Shop in Bakersfield, CA

Looking for a Transmission Shop Near Bakersfield?

It can be a headache taking your car in for transmission repairs. A lot of times, it’s a costly job that takes many hours of labor and new parts.

It’s crucial that you be particularly discerning when deciding to which transmission repair shop you take your vehicle. Think about it. You’re going to have a mechanic disassembling and fiddling with what is in essence the heart and soul of your automobile. With such a delicate task, you have to make sure the mechanic is a reliable professional. By considering the tips below, you can stay satisfied and worry-free while getting your car repaired.


Look for Certified Mechanics

When it comes to mechanics, most times, different certifications verify if they have a progressive level of specialized training. A specialist can do excellent work at a decent cost because that is their principal occupation. No law mandates a mechanic to have certification but it warrants a certain level of professionalism if a machinist makes the effort to validate his or her comprehensive knowledge.

You can ask any mechanic for proof of his or her certification before work begins on your vehicle. It is typically visible on a wall in the transmission shop or it could made available upon request.


Ask for Recommendations

It’s never a bad idea to seek out referrals from colleagues, family, friends, or other trusted mechanics. If you happen to be with a specialist for something like brakes, ask who they should recommend for transmission repair. Pros know other pros.


Request an Estimate

Before agreeing to the start of any labor, it’s alright to get a written estimate of repair costs. An experienced transmission repair shop can usually diagnose a problem beforehand, and then inform you of how much you’ll need to pay.

An estimate protects you from any surprise fees. It’s unlawful for a transmission shop to charge you more than the price documented in a pre-quoted estimate without you signing off on it. That’s why having evidence of any prior agreements for cost ensures you don’t end up paying more than you ought to when it’s all said and done.

At Quality Transmission and Clutch, you get professional, quick and affordable transmission repair that satisfied customers rate as being the best Bakersfield, CA has to offer. You can also get clutch adjustment service and electrical diagnosis by a certified mechanic. Contact us today at (661) 397-0421 to find the right repair solution for your vehicle.


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