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The Complete Guide to Transmission Repair

The transmission of your vehicle is essential to its operation. It keeps the vehicle running smoothly by moving power to the gears. When you have problems with the transmission, repairing it can be costly if you don’t get it serviced right away. The longer you wait to address an issue, the more expensive the repairs will become. Waiting also increases the chance that you will need to replace the transmission completely, which can be very expensive. 


Common Transmission Problems

There are certain transmission problems that are more common than others. Here are the eight most common issues you might run into with your transmission:

Slow or No Response

As soon as you shift gears, your car should start moving appropriately. If you notice a delay or no movement at all, there is likely a problem with your transmission. Manual transmissions may also experience the same delay when shifting gears, but may also experience a surge in RPMs without an accompanying acceleration. For a manual transmission, this can indicate either a clutch that needs to be replaced or a serious problem with the transmission.


Strange Noises

You might notice strange noises coming from your car. These noises can vary from one vehicle to the next, depending on make and model, but they typically include whining, clunking, and unusual humming. Noises emanating from manual transmissions are usually loud and abrupt sounding. Clunking when you shift gears is almost always an indicator of a transmission problem.


Leaking or Low Fluid

If you notice a leak or if your transmission fluid is unusually low, the vehicle should be serviced immediately. Low fluid levels can cause an engine to stop working entirely. Both automatic and manual transmissions need transmission fluid to function properly.



Grinding, shaking, and jerking movements indicate a problem with the gears. Manual transmissions usually involve grinding noises and vibrations, while automatic transmissions involve shaking and jarring gear shifts. There are several reasons why this could be occurring, so it’s best to have it serviced by a professional.


Strange Smells

A burning smell is usually caused by transmission fluid that is overheating. This can cause the system to run too hot, which increases friction, corrodes parts, and causes sludge and debris to build up. Eventually, the transmission will break down, requiring an expensive replacement.


Refuses to Go Into Gear

A vehicle that will not shift gears could be suffering from low fluid levels, using the wrong type of fluid, or parts, such as shift cables, that need replacement. To determine the cause, fluid levels should be checked and the vehicle should be taken in for servicing.


Noisy When in Neutral

If you notice noise when the vehicle is in neutral, it could indicate fluid that needs to be changed or parts that need to be replaced. Check the transmission fluid, add or change fluid as needed, and take the car in to make sure you don’t have parts that are worn out, such as bearings.


Slipping Gears

Gears that slip in and out can pose a serious safety hazard on the road. This is usually a problem with the transmission, which should be repaired as soon as possible.


Do I Need a New Transmission?

There are a few signs that can tell you if your transmission needs to be completely replaced. These signs include:

  • Grinding noises
  • Loud rumbling
  • Slipping gears
  • Fluid leaks that have been happening for an extended period without repairs


How Much Does Transmission Repair Cost in Bakersfield, California?

The cost of transmission repairs can vary, depending on the type of repairs you need. Here are some rough estimates:

  • Repair of a leak: $150-200
  • Replacement of shift solenoids: $300-850, depending on how many need to be replaced
  • Transmission flush: $100
  • Rebuilt transmission: $2,800-3,800
  • Replacement of transmission: $4,000-8,000

Quality Transmission and Clutch in Bakersfield, California, can help you with your transmission problems. Our team of expert technicians will diagnose and repair whatever is ailing your transmission. We can service both manual and automatic transmissions, and offer repairs and rebuilds. We also offer electrical diagnosis and repair of clutches and transfer cases. Contact Quality Transmission and Clutch today to schedule an appointment for your transmission repairs.

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