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How Much Does Repairing a Transmission Cost?

Causes of Transmission Problems and Costs of Fixing Them

Some of the most common problems that can lead to the transmission needing to be repaired include:

Transmission fluid leaks: Transmissions are sealed, so a leak indicates a potentially serious problem. These leaks could be caused by breaches in pan gaskets, seal leaks, or fluid seepage. Repairing a leak typically costs $150-200.
Old transmission fluid: Trouble shifting gears and slipping gears could be caused by fluid that needs to be changed. This is done through a transmission flush, which typically costs around $100.

Worn or faulty shift solenoids: Solenoids control the flow of fluid around the transmission. When they are not operating properly, they can cause trouble shifting or over-shifting. Replacing solenoids typically costs $350-800. This cost could rise or drop depending on how many solenoids are replaced and the type of vehicle.

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When Should You Replace the Transmission?

A problem that seems minor, like low fluid levels or old fluid, can turn into a serious issue if not addressed right away. The transmission can become severely damaged and need rebuilding or replacing. The average cost of a rebuild is $2,800-3,800, while replacing a transmission can cost around $4,000-8,000.

The Best Way to Know Whether You Need Transmission Repairs or Replacement

An experienced auto technician can tell you what type of repairs your transmission needs, or whether it needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Quality Transmission and Clutch in Bakersfield, California, offers transmission repair and rebuild. They will inspect your transmission for problems, then recommend and perform repairs. If the transmission has incurred damage, they can rebuild it in-house. They work on both manual and automatic transmissions. Contact them today to schedule an appointment!

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