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What Happens When a CV Joint Fails

Have you ever heard of a CV joint? Constant velocity, or CV, joints are more important than you realize.

About Failing CV Joints

Your CV joints help your vehicle’s wheels to maintain a constant velocity. Your car or truck has inner and outer CV joints. The inner CV joints connect to your vehicle’s transmission while the outer ones connect to your wheels. Connecting to your wheels allows your CV joints to transfer torque from the transmission to the wheels while also adjusting to the constant fluctuation of your suspension.

Your CV joint placement depends on your drive. If you have rear-wheel drive, your CV joints will be in your back tires. If you have a front wheel drive vehicle, they will be in the front tires.

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What Happens with CV Joint Failure

The most common issue with your CV joints occurs when the boot is damaged resulting in your grease leaking out. And then this allows dirt and other contaminants to get into your CV joints, resulting in accelerated wear and tear.

Early signs of a CV joint issue include grease on the interior of your tire’s rim as well as visible dents or cracks in the boot. As the problem worsens, a clicking noise may occur while turning. This clicking will get worse as you accelerate through the turn.

Why It’s Important to Repair/Replace CV Joints

When your CV joints failure, it essentially breaks your vehicle’s axle, as your car will not be going anywhere. If this occurs while you are driving, the consequences can be even more severe, often leading to complete loss of control.

Broken CV joints are not repairable. (However, the boot is.) Repairing the boot as soon as it begins to fail can help prevent more expensive CV joint replacements.

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