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When You Need an Automatic Transmission Rebuild in Bakersfield

Driving an automatic transmission vehicle comes with several advantages: for one thing, because the automatic transmission shifts gears on its own, as its name implies, driving is easier and less hands-on than with a manual transmission, which requires the driver to shift gears as needed. Automatic transmissions are also known for generally being lower-maintenance than manual transmissions when it comes to service and repair. However, this doesn’t mean that your automatic transmission won’t ever require maintenance, repair or even replacements. Here’s how to know whether you may need an automatic transmission rebuild in your car, and how to look for the best Bakersfield transmission center for the job.

What’s an Automatic Transmission Rebuild?

Let’s start with the basics. Your car’s transmission is responsible for making sure the right amount of power goes from the engine to the wheels, enabling it to drive smoothly at any given speed. As you accelerate, your automatic transmission shifts gears to accommodate the increased speed by transferring more power to the wheels. Think of a transmission like the chain on a bicycle- without it, your wheels simply won’t go.

Because an automatic transmission is a highly complex and essential part, the cost of replacing it can be quite high. Not everyone can afford a brand-new replacement automatic transmission. For this reason, many reputable transmission centers offer automatic transmission rebuilds, which are used transmissions that have been restored to excellent working condition. Automatic transmission rebuilds can be significantly less expensive than brand-new transmissions, as only a few components have been replaced, driving the total cost down. A transmission specialist can either rebuild your existing automatic transmission or replace it with a rebuilt automatic transmission in stock, depending on the severity of your existing transmission’s damage. Either way, you can expect much lower costs for a rebuilt automatic transmission than for a brand-new replacement transmission from the manufacturer.

Automatic Transmission Rebuilds in Bakersfield

Quality Transmission & Clutch is your source for high-quality automatic transmission rebuilds in Bakersfield, CA. Our transmission specialists have what it takes to efficiently rebuild your automatic transmission, or replace it with one of our in-house rebuilds, for a fraction of the price of a new replacement transmission. Best of all, our name speaks for itself- we guarantee quality in every service we provide, and our automatic transmission rebuilds are no exception! We are committed to customer service excellence, total transparency, and repairs you can count on. Choose Quality Transmission & Clutch for your automatic transmission rebuild to keep your car running at its peak for years to come!

If you live in or around Bakersfield, call Quality Transmission & Clutch today at 661-397-0421 to schedule your automatic transmission rebuild consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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