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Symptoms of a Bad Clutch

Is the clutch on your manual transmission vehicle about to give out? Thanks to the following list of warning signs of a bad clutch, you’ll be able to find out. Don’t wait for your clutch to fail completely- take a look at this list and make an appointment with a transmission specialist today if any of it sounds familiar.

What to Look for in a Bad Clutch

Slipping Gears– Having your transmission slip out of gear while driving is probably the number one warning sign that your clutch needs attention. If you have begun to notice your clutch slipping out of gear for no apparent reason, it’s time to make an appointment at your preferred transmission service center.


Clutch Won’t Disengage– On the other hand, if your clutch doesn’t seem to want to budge, that’s not good either. Hydraulic linkage failure can cause your clutch to have a hard time disengaging. While this may not always be an indication of a worn-out clutch, the issue should still be fixed without delay.


Burning Odor– If you are prone to riding the clutch when in heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic, this can cause your clutch plate to wear and overheat, causing a burning smell over time. The first thing you should do is stop engaging the clutch repeatedly when you are in a stop-and-go situation, but you should also bring your car to a transmission and clutch specialist to look at the clutch plate and repair the damage as quickly as possible.


Taking care to pay attention to these warning signs can save you the frustration and cost of a replacement clutch down the road. By taking your car to a transmission and clutch repair center before your clutch wears out completely, you may be able to save it with a quick repair rather than shell out the money for a brand new clutch when it fails.


The team at Quality Transmission & Clutch has your back when it comes to expert, affordable clutch service and repair. We work on all makes and models of manual and automatic transmission vehicles, and can get to the root of your clutch problem quickly and accurately. We are Bakersfield, CA’s premier transmission service center, and have years of experience dealing with virtually all types of transmission and clutch issues. Call our Bakersfield shop today at 661-397-0421 to speak with one of our skilled professionals about scheduling a diagnostic appointment for clutch repair. You want to make sure your manual transmission car lasts a long time- let the team at Quality Transmission & Clutch help you get there!

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